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  Climate Change Science and Policy

Choice Reviews: Highly Recommended

“Climate Change Science and Policy is the first book to successfully combine a discussion of the current state of climate science with ideas for climate change mitigation in a comprehensive, yet surprisingly readable, collection of papers by authors working in both the physical and social sciences. The first part of the book addresses climate change science and impacts, focusing primarily on impacts that are already occurring and attributable (at least partly) to anthropogenic activities. It is followed by a comprehensive overview of policy issues, including both economic considerations and perspectives from developed and developing countries. The final part of the collection focuses on climate change mitigation strategies such as conservation, renewable energy resources, and carbon capture but does not overlook nuclear energy and new technologies as part of a mitigation portfolio. National and international efforts to reduce harmful climate change impacts lie at the intersection of climate science and policy. This book presents the information needed to understand the myriad issues that define this effort and could serve as a textbook for a course on climate policy or as a reference source for any subfield of climate science and policy.”
Copyright 2011, Stephen H. Schneider, Stanford University