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Science as a Contact Sport from Amazon!

  Science as a Contact Sport: Inside the Battle to Save the Earth's Climate

From the Foreword:

“Stephen Schneider has seen more of climate change politics and climate change science than almost anyone alive, and he’s been so effective at countering the climate skeptics and lobbyists that he’s become a special target of their campaign to discredit leading scientists. Such an experience would embitter many, but somehow Stephen Schneider has retained his good humor and balance throughout. Having been at the forefront of the push to have climate change addressed during the dark years of the Bush Administration, this itself is a singular achievement. But Steve has done far more than this, for he is a practicing climate scientist who has contributed significantly, and his passion for science has inspired many, including ourselves, to join the campaign to address climate change.” - Tim Flannery, Chairman, Copenhagen Climate Council

Al Gore and Steve Schneider, Commonwealth Club, December 2006

“Stephen Schneider is masterful at translating enormously complex scientific principles into a language that we can all comprehend.” - Robert Redford

“Science as a Contact Sport unfolds the incredible true story of the struggle to understand the science and focus the world’s attention on the climate crisis. I have worked with Steve Schneider on the scientific and policy aspects of climate change for decades, and find him adept at bringing scientific clarity to this critical issue--explaining its many facets to concerned policymakers and the public.” - Al Gore

“Why haven’t we halted global warming in the decades since it became recognized as a major threat to human well-being? What should we do to halt it now? In this crystal-clear, moving, funny book, Stephen Schneider makes a highly complex subject understandable.” - Jared Diamond, author of “Guns, Germs, and Steel,” and “Collapse”

“To all serious students and teachers of climate science: you cannot find a more essential, rewarding, and pleasurable assignment than to study this book. Thrilling—right in the action.” -



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