“The most comprehensive and accessible tutorial website in existence on the history, content, and implications of climate-change science”
     -- John P. Holdren

This website features many of Steve Schneider’s priceless presentations captured in video with his photographs and the figures that he used to bring his lectures alive, so we can continue to learn from one of the world’s preeminent communicators of complex science who consulted with eight US administrations and numerous national and international agencies.  Steve hoped that this website would be useful to all interested in the interdisciplinary science of climate change. As he said, this site is a work in progress — an in-depth mini-book with links to related websites and relevant literature, placed in a context that was his view of the climate problem.

We are currently updating with new and updated content in his words that he wanted to have posted as well as reflections by people he taught. Please explore and come back often as this dynamic site evolves.

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