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Science as a Contact Sport from Amazon!

  A Readers Review: A surprising gem!

“This is a small (5" x 8") book, 94 pages. It is very easily read. This format strengthens the power of one message, "a call for bottom up / top-down vulnerability assessment" of responses to climate change. Why is this important? It asks for reasoned and science-based responses and actions to mitigate the threats of climate change at all levels, that is, personal and local community action, as well as national/regional "top down" actions. In short: no place to hide. The authors are Michael Mastrandrea, Deputy Science Director of the IPCC Climate Change Working Group II and the late Stephen H. Schneider, Stanford University Professor and Coordinating Lead Author for the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report (2007). Having this little missive in pocket allows on to read, carry around and pass on to friends the resounding words of two renown scientists who know of what they speak, a call to action to prepare for all our futures.”

-- Anonymous Reader

Copyright 2011, Stephen H. Schneider, Stanford University